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For Frank Doorhof and His Help


This Photograph is Dedicated to Frank Doorhof.

- I had hired Hannah Kelsey to shoot some of my photography in what i had knew to be an awesome location, even if i hadn’t seen it myself. And when i was in first walking up on this amazing chair,  antique signage, and platform… i couldn’t contain my enthusiasm…I exclaimed outloud.. “I KNOW EXACTLY HOW I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!.. I am GOING TO LIGHT THIS LIKE FRANK WOULD!” my WWFD moment only got even more exciting as i went from the first light, and then adding the second and seeing the scene just do exactly what you had seen in your head. Ms. Kelsey arrived soon after, and i once we got to shooting, the results were FOTOGRAFIKO. 

Frank has been at Great Resource for my photography, I first caught him on an episode of KelbyONE's theGrid, and have been following his work and tutorials ever since.

What I have gained from Frank sharing his knowledge, is not only wonderful post processing techniques, or how to approach and light something.. 

but certainly his philosophy about "make it interesting". put an Interesting Person in an Interesting Place and photograph it.

While the concept/execution of making a photograph interesting could perhaps be clouded into the subjective qualities of taste.. I understand what Frank is really getting at here.


its just simply, Give your Photography Character. 


Character will tend to trump anything, that you technically fail to execute, and still give you a wonderful image.


Frank's generosity has made me a better photographer, and I thank him for it.






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- I would additionally like to thank Brent Ashton for his amazing environment, Hannah Kelsey for her MUAH/Model work, Larry Oneill for Transport, and Scott Kelby for the GRID.